Swimming Mindfully is Like Moving Meditation

The latest phase of the sector’s #LoveSwimming campaign aims to encourage adults, especially women, to embrace the mental health benefits of swimming by using the pool to escape the stress of their busy lives.

You may have already seen some video clips and graphics across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from Swim England and our #LoveSwimming partners.

The film at the centre of the campaign shows the extremes of fast-paced modern life, and the impact it can have on mental health, in contrast with the unique environment offered by swimming. The campaign is also sharing the stories of real women who have found swimming has had a positive impact on their own mental well-being.

We would love for you to get involved. Tell us why you #LoveSwimming and what it means for you. Watch the video in full or learn more about the #LoveSwimming campaign here


As part of the #LoveSwimming campaign, Swim England Coach and member of Trafford Metro Swimming Club Masters, our very own Lucy Lloyd-Roach shares her experiences of how swimming has helped her with mindfulness.

Lucy had seen great similarities between swimming and mindfulness. Lucy said,

It was five years ago, as mindfulness started to creep onto the periphery of our collective consciousness that I began to wonder if from what people said about meditation and mindfulness that it described the mind-set I experienced after a swim. I was intrigued to find out if they were the same.

Before exploring it, the phrases that I associated with mindfulness and meditation were ‘a clear head’ and ‘reduced stress’. These are things that I can remember starting to notice after swims when I was at secondary school, I’d often work out the answer to something or just feel much calmer.

Mindfulness is commonly described as a simple form of mediation or mind training. For me, mindfulness is a way of learning to be aware and observe your thoughts (both good and bad) with the aim of not getting caught up and being non-judgmental about them (some days this is easier than others). It’s a chance to step back, learn more about yourself and how your mind works.












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