Synchro Age Group & Championship Competitions

Saturday 30th September 2017 saw the annual North West Age Group & Championships take place at Broughton Pool, Salford. Four Clubs from across the region; Trafford SSC, Stockport Metro, City of Salford SSC and City of Preston Aquatics competed in the Figure, Solo, Duet and Team events. This was a great opportunity to practice figures and showcase routines at the start of the competitive season.

Trafford SSC dominated in the 12 & under section with Evie Walker and Rhiannon Woodhouse placing first and second in the Figure event, the pair repeated this success in the Solo event and then joined forces to win the Duet event. City of Salford SSC took team honours winning the Free Team.

The 13 – 15 section was won by Daisy Rushton of City of Preston Aquatics who doubled up to take gold in the Figure and Solo events. City of Salford had a strong entry in this age group, with a first and second in the Duet Event won by Libby Taylor and Alicia Cox and Gold in the Free Team.



The 15 – 18 age group saw a rise in entries this year, which was very encouraging, with Melissa Knapton of City of Salford winning the Figure and Solo events and the Championship Solos. City of Preston Aquatics duo Rhea Howard and Leah Meyer won the duet event and City of Salford the Free team to complete a hat trick of golds for the Free Teams. Hopefully, the region can work towards increasing Free Team entries as City of Salford was the only Club to enter this section.

The Combination Teams showed strength across the four clubs, with City of Preston Aquatics winning the 12 & under and 13 – 18 Teams. Trafford took the gold in the 9 – 15 Team and Stockport Metro the 13 – 15 Team gold. This was fantastic to see all competing clubs winning a team title. The Championship Combination was an exciting event with City of Salford just ahead of Stockport Metro by 0.4 points to win.

The competition was a great success, a friendly but competitive event with the medals won by all the competing clubs. A huge thank you to all the officials, volunteers, coaches, swimmers and parents, without their support and dedication the event would not be able to take place.


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