How to Resolve Issues within your Club

If you require support with a problem or dispute as a Swim England affiliated club there are a number of options available to you. We have listed below some ways which may be of assistance to resolve issues within your club.

What is an ASA Friend

ASA Friends are in place for all general queries in relation to the Judicial process and assistance with internal disputes such as alleged breaches of the Club Constitution/Rules, Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.  Read More on how to contact an ASA Friend

Raise a Concern about a Child or Young Person

The Child Safeguarding Team can help if you are worried or concerned about a child or young person. In addition there is a separate ASA Child Welfare Complaints Procedure. Further information is available on our Wavepower Safeguarding page.

Coaches Referral protocol

Upon receiving concerns and queries with regards to coaching techniques for swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and water polo, raised through the ASA or Office of Judicial Administration from several sources and which include: directly from the member, from the Membership Services Department, The Independent Child Protection Officer (ICPO) and which do not include an issue of Child Protection or Child Welfare. Please click here to read the protocol

Make a Formal Complaint

A formal complain can be submitted in accordance with Judicial Regulations and processed by the Office of Judicial Administration.

Consult the Medical Protocol 

Swim England offers assistance to clubs and members in relation to medical conditions. Please click here to read the Medical protocol





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