Important Updates for SwimMark and Club Affiliation


SwimMark Updates – June 2023:

Update provided for SwimMark Accredited clubs – Click here

From 1st November 2023

  • Element 13 – Club Personnel Report
    • Both the Club Chairperson and the Club Welfare Officer Workshops will become mandatory for all Club Affiliation and SwimMark Accreditation submissions – see here for more information
  • Element 15 (Introduction to Disability Swimming CPD)
    • will be removed for Full SwimMark Accreditation but will form part of the evidence required for Element 3 (Full SwimMark Accreditation will be reduced to 14 Elements)
  • Element 3 (Equality Policy) will be replaced with a Diversity, Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP)
    • evidence of a relevant person having completed the Online Introduction to Disability Swimming CPD (Click Here) will be required for this element.  Supporting documents will be available on the SwimMark Portal for all clubs.
    • evidence of Executive Officer having completed the Foundations of Inclusivity CPD (Click Here) will be required for this element.
    • will become a new requirement for both SwimMark Health Check and Club Affiliation (6 elements)

From 1st January 2023

  • Swim England Safeguarding Certificates
    • will be the only Safeguarding Qualification accepted by Swim England – see here for more information
  • Element 13 (Club Personnel Report)
    • Supporting evidence for DBS in progress or future Safeguarding Course Bookings will no longer be accepted
    • The information held on the Swim England Online Membership System/Club Personnel Report must be up to date at all times, clearly showing in date DBS/SG for those who require it (Click here).  Anyone in a role requiring DBS & Safeguarding, which is out of date or missing should not be on poolside until such time these are in place.


SwimMark Updates – April 2023

Club Personnel Report Role Descriptor Document has been updated – (Click Here)


SwimMark Updates – October 2022

Uploading Certificates and Missing Information document released – (Click Here)


SwimMark Updates – September 2022:

SwimMark Essential – some minor changes have recently been made to SwimMark Essential as follows:

  • Element 5 – AGM Minutes and Club Constitution Approval

    • Element 5 now has an additional upload required for clubs, that the minutes from the latest club AGM.  The minutes being uploaded are evidence of the club following good governance in terms of:
      • An AGM is being held as per the club’s constitution requirement.
      • The minutes show that a club has presented and approved their accounts, again another constitutional requirement
      • If the club has updated their constitution following approval from the region, this will also show as an item having been adopted which can be checked for consistency.


  • The Qualification Equivalency Matrix has been updated with a minor amendment to that of the Advanced Teacher certificate.  Following a review of the education syllabus, it has been revised to equivalent Assistant Coach Level.  It continues to be a Level 2 Teacher equivalent in terms of supervising.


General Club Benefits

  • Access to a development tool for club improvement including the production of a Club Development Plan
  • Identification of workforce training needs to improve club operation in relation to enhanced quality of coaching/teaching delivery and the running of the clubs (e.g. committee roles).
  • Develop effective club management structures and processes with clearly identified roles and responsibilities.
  • Access to a range of Swim England templates and policies, which increases best practice and improve all areas of the club.
  • Greater number of appropriately qualified volunteers, who are safe to work with children, young people and all volunteers, with defined role descriptions.


Financial Benefits

  • £500 from the region to be spent on workforce development
  • £100 IoS vouchers towards courses and CPD costs per annum (12 month duration to use the vouchers). Click here to visit the IoS courses website.
  • 5% discount on Swim England Awards and discounts at Swim England Club Conferences and events.
  • County Association Grants/Bursaries – Swim England North West Club Investment Fund
  • Some pool providers offer a discount to SwimMark clubs. The Swim England National Club Survey finding (2015) indicate that the average pool hire rates of £18.60 per lane versus average of £15.48 (17% less) for SwimMark accredited clubs. This provides a saving of sum £3000 per annum.
  • Accreditation can help with eligibility towards sport specific funding pots (e.g. County Sports Partnerships/Sport England Small Grants Fund).


SwimMark FAQs

Here at the North West Regional Office we get asked a variety of questions to do with the SwimMark accreditation. We have compiled answers to the most frequently asked.

Should you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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