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Swim England North West currently supports 7 Artistic Swimming clubs within the Region through the Club Development Team and the Regional Artistic Swimming Management Group (ASMG). The ASMG meet quarterly to ensure that all aspects of the sport are provided for with development opportunities and competitions throughout the region.

The Regional Artistic Swimming Management Group organise a number of low level competitions through the year in order to support the progression of each athlete.

Artistic Swimming routines are essentially athletic movements performed in water and choreographed to music. This is an incredibly strenuous and skillful sport. Artistic swimmers need strength to perform twists and lifts whilst also having the ability to hold their breath under water for around a minute.

Artistic Swimming has four main categories of competition:

  • Solos – where an individual swimmer will synchronise with the music
  • Duets – where a swimmer coordinates with their partner and in time to music
  • Teams – where the swimmer coordinates with up to seven other athletes and in time to music
  • Combination – a team routine where up to ten swimmers perform in one continuous routine but during the routine there will be segments where different number of swimmers will perform.

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