Swim England requirements for governance

As part of affiliation to Swim England all clubs have to have a constitution i.e. the document that outlines the functions and the rules under which the club operates.

The constitution, together with the club’s policies and procedures, helps to protect club members and officers, and makes the club run more smoothly.

Swim England have specified mandatory, recommended and optional clauses that must be included in a constitution.


Swim England North West support

Swim England North West (SENW) is able to help with governance issues, and any club requiring assistance should contact us in the first instance.

Whichever structure a club chooses it must adopt a constitution that is approved by SENW. The region also requires clubs to update their constitution every four years.

Swim England North West have produced an overview of the different club structures and template constitutions, please click here for further information.


Please follow the process outlined below to submit your club constitution:

  1. Submit your club constitution to swimnorthwest@swimming.org.
  2. The constitution will then be submitted to a member of the SENW Governance Committee for their consideration and they will advise on suggested changes that are needed.
  3. When the Governance Committee member is satisfied, the constitution will be submitted by the Governance Committee for formal approval to the SENW Ltd Directors.
  4. Following the SENW Ltd Directors Meeting, the club will receive a approved letter which can be used as evidence for SwimMark or Club Affiliation.
  5. A copy of the approved constitution will be archived by the SENW regional office.

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