Getting Started in Diving

Upon completion of the learn to swim programme, there are different disciplines available for people to try; Diving is one. Once an individual has mastered the basics, they progress into a club where they will learn more complex routines before entering the competition world.


However, diving is not only for children. Within the North West, specifically in Manchester students and adults have the opportunity to join a diving club set up, where they too can learn the skills required before entering a competition.


However if you are not sure you want to take the plunge into diving, but enjoy being around the sport, then clubs are always looking out for willing volunteers. This could be in a number of different roles including coaching, officiating or club management. All of these roles are vital in building the success of the sport within our Region.


We are a growing sport in the North West, so come and join us on our journey to success. Or get in touch here

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