Please see below the revised dates which have been made by Swim England.

The rationale behind this change is a culmination of a number of factors including current club administration and reviewing taking place during both the summer holiday / club break periods and leading into Christmas and membership renewals.


Please note that an extension past the internal deadline will not be provided. Clubs must ensure that all evidence is uploaded and approved prior to the Internal Deadline or the club could be at risk of suspension. This will affect all club activities. 


Q3 – June 2022

Clubs Can Start Uploading – Monday 9th May 2022

Internal Deadline – Monday 11th  July 2022.

National Ratification – Wednesday 3rd August 2022.


Q4 – September 2022

Clubs Can Start Uploading – Monday 8th August 2022

Internal Deadline – Monday 10th October 2022

National Ratification – Wednesday 2nd November 2022


Q1 – January 2023

Clubs Can Start Uploading – Monday 7th November 2022

Internal Deadline – Monday 9th January 2023

National Ratification – Wednesday 1st February 2023


Q2 – May 2023

Clubs Can Start Uploading – Monday 6th February 2023

Internal Deadline – Monday 10th April 2023

National Ratification – Wednesday 3rd May 2023



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