The SwimMark accreditation is Swim England’s recognised kite mark. This accreditation recognises high standards of governance, the development of effective and sustainable clubs and to raise the quality of all aquatic disciplines across all areas. Any affiliated Swim England club can complete this accreditation, regardless of the size or discipline delivered by the clubs.

What is SwimMark?

  • Creating the best possible aqautic experience for all individuals and members.
  • Raising the quality provision across all areas.
  • National Sport England Clubmark recognition for great quality clubs.

There are three modules that clubs can aspire to: SwimMark Essential Club, SwimMark Network Member and SwimMark Performance. Please click here for more information to gain the accreditation and details of each module.


SwimMark Essential Club

This is the primary module for clubs, helping you to achieve good governance, grow membership, develop volunteers and ensure your activities are sustainable and in line with the clubs’ objectives.

Swim England North West currently have 89 accredited clubs and this number is growing each quarter.

SwimMark is required to be completed by clubs each year as follows:

Year 1 – Full Accreditation (16 elements)

Year 2 – Health Check (6 elements)

Year 3 – Full Accreditation (16 elements)


SwimMark Network Member

This module encourages clubs to work collaboratively across a localised area. This approach helps athletes to maximise their potential and be retained in the sport. It also increases volunteer opportunities and helps to raise the standards of coaching and teaching.



SwimMark Performance

The performance module provides a benchmark for clubs coaching and developing high-level athletes across the four sports (swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming).

Clubs need to demonstrate that athlete pathways, the physical environment, quality of coaching practices and support services are all in place for athletes  to reach the pinnacle of their aquatic sport. Performance standards are measured by England Programmes.

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