Covid Lead Forum

Swim England North West delivered their first Covid Lead Forum on Wednesday 15th July 2020. This webinar provided covid leads with an overview of the roles and responsibilities, whilst also providing an opportunity to share best practice and ask questions.


Minutes Notes

Swim England Risk Assessment Template

Swim England Risk Assessment Example

Club Examples – please note these have not been approved by Swim England and should be used as guidance only.


Returning to Training Guidance for Coaches

On 22nd July 2020, Swim England released Returning to Training guidance for coaches to help ensure athletes ease themselves back into training.

The document includes coaching, physiology, psychology, strength and conditioning, nutrition and physiotherapy tops.

It also gives guidance on returning to exercise for any athletes who have suffered with Covid.

Returning to Training Guidance


Returning to Pools Guidance

Swim England have published comprehensive Return to Pools Guidance based on the latest scientific guidance and Government Guidance. The Guidance documents are updated regularly in line with any changes.

Returning to Pool Guidance Documents


Returning to Pools Supporting Documents

A range of supporting resources for the aquatics community returning to pools has been populated to support the core advice in the Returning to Pools Guidance Document.

Supporting Documents

Return to the Pool Workshop – delivered to coaches on 24th June 2020 and delivered to committee members on 25th June 2020


Returning to Pools FAQs

Swim England have also put together a series of Returning to Pools Guidance FAQs to help those with questions regarding the recent guidance.

Guidance FAQs


Coronavirus FAQs

Swim England regularly update content for general FAQs regarding coronavirus to reflect the latest advise from, World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health England (PHE).

Coronavirus FAQs


Land Training and Open Water

On 13th June 2020, Swim England issued new recommendations on land training and open water club activity. Documents provided by Swim England on Land Training and Open Water are updated in light of new information emerging.

Guidance on Land Training and Open Water







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