How to gain affiliation to Swim England?

Does your club want to become an affiliated club to Swim England then please contact us

We will provide you with all the required information and relevant documentation to complete the affiliation process.  The next stage is to complete the documentation and return it to us. Once all your documentation is received by the Regional Office this will then be sent for consideration to our Regional Rules Committee. Once approved this will be presented for ratification during a Swim England North West Management Board meeting. The final stage will be all your new clubs details will be forwarded to Swim England Membership Services Department.


Need the Swim England North West Model Club Constitution

The model gives guidelines to assist in writing a new constitution or support clubs when reviewing their old model. Swim England North West require all clubs to submit a new constitution every 4 years.

The procedure for submitting your Club Constitution to Swim England North West is as follows:-

1.  Submit your Club Constitution to

2.  The constitution will then be submitted to the Swim England North West Governance Committee for their consideration.

3.  The Swim England North West Governance Committee will review and make recommendations (if necessary).

4.  The Swim England North West Management Board will then approve the Constitution (at one of their meetings)

Please click here for the updated  2023 Swim England Model Constitution.

Club Insurance

Swim England club membership insurance covers you for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity and is arranged with Hiscox through Howden.

It protects you if you are held responsible and are negligent for causing injury to a person or property. It covers activity while swimming, diving or other aquatic activities recognised by Swim England.

As a Swim England member you also benefit from a basic Personal Accident insurance. This ‘no fault’ benefit provides cover to Swim England members for specified injuries when taking part in swimming, diving and aquatic activities recognised by Swim England.

Please click here for more details.



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