Advice for Clubs on use of Mobile Phones in Changing Rooms

Swim England have issued an email to Club Chair’s and Welfare Officers because there has been evidence in safeguarding case records that there have been instances of indecent (child abuse) images been taken in changing rooms recently.

Swim England want to offer clubs advice on what can be done to reduce the risks of future incidents and offer useful resources to share with parents and guardians of our members.


What Can Clubs Do?

  • All clubs should review their changing room policy and provide a reminder to all parents, guardians and members about the use of mobile phones in changing rooms – and to align with Wavepower guidance.
  • Should a club become aware or receive an allegations around possible taking or use of indecent images, then the matter should be referred immediately to the police, followed by informing the Swim England Safeguarding team.


Make a Referral

You can make a referral to the SE Safeguarding team through the following form.


Read Wavepower

Access our changing room policy (pages 80-81) and further guidance on indecent/child abuse images (page 82-85).

Please click here to view Wavepower.


How to Prevent Incidents

  • Clubs should try, if possible, to separate children that are most likely to be at risk of offending specifically teenage squads using village changing facilities, where use of devices cannot be monitored and observed.
  • Engage locally with the pool providers to see if there are any further actions which could be taken such as creating or using simple barrier systems in changing rooms (or use of natural barriers such as lockers) between cubicles to enable mixed changing villages to be used in as safe an environment as possible.
  • Encourage children of different sexes to change in separate areas.
  • Ensure there is clear signage about mobile phones or devices being taken in to the changing rooms.
  • Revisit and remind members and parents of the club’s code of conduct.


Resources for Clubs

Below are some useful links which your club may wish to share with parents and guardians.

These resources can help assist in educating our members to help minimise the likelihood of further incidents occurring.

Childline Resources

Childnet Resources

Watch LGFL DigiSafe

LGFL DigiSafe Resources


Get in Touch about Concerns

If you have any safeguarding concerns or need any help and advice, please contact

Alternatively, Swimline, the Swim England Child Protection Helpline, remains in place and is monitored for urgent child protection concerns – call 0808 100 4001.






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