ASA Incorporation

The attached paper provides some basic information on the incorporation of the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). Discussions have taken place regarding the incorporation of the ASA on several occasions and at last year’s Annual Council Meeting (ACM) the matter was discussed in detail.

Advice has been taken from the auditors and law firms and as well as the Regions, both the Sport Governing Board and the Group Board support the move to incorporation and the structure set out below. The ASA prides itself on operating within an effective governance framework and as part of this it is pertinent to review the governance structure from time to time.

The world in which we operate in is an ever changing one which is becoming more business orientated and partnership based. It is also more litigious than in the past and it may well become more difficult to ensure that risks are fully insured. The matter of incorporation was approved at the ASA Annual Council Meeting in October 2017 with subsequent follow up with the region.




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