Changes to Swim England Club Membership

Swim England have been reviewing the club membership and have decided to implement some changes which will come into effect in 2018.


Renewals submission

The introduction of the Online Membership System (OMS) in 2012 streamlined the administration of renewals data. This means that clubs are now submitting their renewals earlier every year. To make sure that clubs and members are properly insured for the activities they are taking part in, Swim England have made the decision to bring the submission of the renewals deadline forward to the 28 February for 2018.

To help with this and to alleviate some of the challenges clubs experience when adding new member details, a new version of OMS will allow prospective members to enter their data using an online form. This will automatically be uploaded onto the your OMS for approval before it is submitted to us.



Membership cards

From January 2018 membership cards will no longer be issued to clubs for your members. We feel that removing the need to send out cards to members will alleviate some of the workload for clubs.

New members will now receive an email from Swim England once they have processed their details. This will tell them all about their Swim England membership benefits and how they can access the Online Membership System (OMS) to view and update their details. Members will also get an email when their membership is renewed.


2018 membership fees

We have agreed the new Swim England membership fees for 2018, they are as follows:

  • Category 1 £9.10
  • Category 2 £26.40
  • Category 3 £5.20

If you have any questions about the above information, please get in touch.



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