Coaching and Teaching Guidance for Clubs

It is vital for the future of aquatics that participants are confidence in the quality of activities offered by Swim England affiliated clubs.

It is also important that clubs, administrators, coaches and teachers have peace of mind that they are covered by the appropriate insurance.

Coaching Guidance

For club coaching and training sessions, Swim England strongly recommend that there is at least one active Level 2 coach on poolside who is deemed responsible for the activities taking place. This guidance is offered as the expected standards by Swim England and are agreed with the insurers. If this guidance is not followed then club insurance may be invalidated.

The club must ensure that there is a risk assessment in place to determine the level of competency and qualifications required for those supervising the sessions.

A Level 2 swimming teacher may be appropriate to run a swimming club training sessions, provided that they deliver content within the scope of their qualification.

For PDF please click here or for further information on Swim England’s website please click here. 


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