Coaching and Teaching Register

Following the launch of the Coaching and Teaching Register, Swim England now has more than 3,500 coaches and teachers registered.

Swim England is keen to strengthen relationships with our clubs and workforce and the register will provide us with an effective platform to do so, via improved communications and support.

To ensure that clubs are fully compliant with Swim England rules and regulations, it is mandatory to provide accurate information for the Coaching and Teaching Register.

It is a requirement that all clubs provide basic information, via the new OMS coaching/teaching tab, for all coaches and teachers. The information to be provided is name, role (i.e. head coach) and discipline(s).

We have noted that some coaches on the register do not have a discipline added and we are therefore asking clubs to add this information to enable us to provide tailored discipline support in the future.

The deadline for clubs to provide all of the above information is 31 March 2019.

During April, communications will be circulated to coaches and teachers listed on the register clarifying the process for the next stage. This is where coaches and teachers will need to verify the information held by Swim England.

This will include qualification(s), DBS and safeguarding training. In order to verify the information, individuals will need to log into their OMS account between May to July 2019.

To find out more about the Coaching and Teaching Register, click here.

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