Reminder for Clubs to Complete Stronger Affiliation

Clubs can start uploading evidence to prove they are meeting Swim England’s Stronger Affiliation process.

Six key requirements need to be completed by clubs for them to ensure they will be compliant for the Swim England changes being introduced at the beginning of next year.

Stronger Affiliation is aimed at the clubs which aren’t currently SwimMark accredited.

Clubs that fail to submit the evidence will see them being suspended temporarily or permanently at the beginning of 2021.

SENW have generated best practice examples to support clubs to achieve Stronger Affiliation.

To meet the new regulations, clubs must:

  • Ensure club constitution has been checked by the region and is from 2019 Swim England North West Model Constitution. SENW constitutions are valid for 4 years.
  • Provide a signed statement of compliance by the Welfare officer stating the club is being run in accordance with WavePower guidelines
  • Submit a signed statement of compliance that the club is following Swim England Code of Ethics and has role descriptions within the club
  • Provide Risk Assessments relevant to the activities of your club
  • Provide the two separate documents which are required in order to complete the club personnel element.  The first document is a PDF Coaching and Teaching Register Report which must be downloaded using OMS (Online Membership System) the information contained uses information contained on the Coaching and Teaching Register – this provides the required information for all club Coaches/Teachers.  The second document details information for all remaining club personnel utilising the current Swim England template (or club’s own document).
  • Submit Safeguarding certificate and Time to Listen certificate (from ASA (Swim England) approved course list) for Club Welfare Officer.

Jon Keating, Swim England Club Development Director, said: “We appreciate the situation facing cubs in these challenging times but it’s vitally important they meet the six requirements of the Stronger Affiliation process.

“We would encourage all our clubs that aren’t currently SwimMark accredited to provide the six pieces of evidence by the end of December.

“SwimMark clubs simply need to maintain their accreditation to be compliant with the process.”

A series of webinars have already been held to help clubs complete the process.

To start uploading evidence for the Stronger Affiliation process, clubs need to email with their name, Club, Role within the Club and Swim England Number.

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