Safeguarding for Professionals Working in Frontline Roles

As part of the SwimMark accreditation, clubs are required to submit a minimum of four safeguarding certificates from the ASA (Swim England) approved course list, to demonstrate they meet the element outcome.  These certificates should represent the people who have the most regular contact with young people within the club – one of which requires to be from the welfare officer.

Swim England currently accepts face-to-face and online Safeguarding training delivered by UK Coaching. For more information on other providers and courses types please click here.


Swim England will now accept other face-to-face and online Safeguarding training from professionals working in frontline roles with children and young people i.e. Teachers, Social Workers and the Emergency Services. In these instances, we would ask individuals to make sure they are familiar with Wavepower and the reporting procedures. For SwimMark the club needs to submit proof of the professional training in the form of a certificate and/or a formal letter from, for example, a Head Teacher/School confirming a staff member’s completion of appropriate training.  Please note these individuals must be working directly with children and young people on a day to day basis i.e. their Safeguarding training is therefore a crucial part of their role, rather than individuals who may be working in those sectors in roles such as Administrators, Receptionists and Caretakers/Cleaners.

If you need further guidance or support please do not hesitate to contact us.



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