Firstly the Region would like to apologise for the delay in the final version of the accepted and rejected entries being made available. Since the initial version of entries, the Events Management Group, the Regional Technical Group and the Region have worked tirelessly to get an updated list to represent competitiveness and the athletes best times.

The region have also had to ensure that Licensing Meet guidelines have been adhered to.

Although not everyone is able to enter the meet, the teams have managed to make amendments and create a new set of entries to select the ‘best time’ of a swimmer rather than a preference to long course times. With this in mind no new rejections have been made and ultimately the session times will be very long as they are stretched to the maximum allowed at the venue.

We would like everyone to be aware the Events Management Group will be undertaking a full review of the Regional Championships for Winters 2023 and all competitions in 2024 including the conditions of the meet to ensure minimal disruption in the future.



Updated Rejected Entries 

Additional Accepted Entries



Warm Up will begin at the following times;

Session 1             Warm Up    8.00 am          Start  9.00pm

Session 2             Warm Up    1.15 pm          Start 2.15 pm

Session 3             Warm Up    7.30 am          Start 8.30 am

Session 4             Warm Up    1.15 pm          Start 2.15 pm

Spectator Tickets

The online system to purchase tickets  – CLICK HERE

Entry is via a QR Code Ticket so please double check that you have this information as spectators tickets will be scanned at point of entry.

Tickets will be released in stages i.e. 1 ticket per swimmer per session, until midday 24/03/2023. 

Update 12pm 24/3/2023: 2 tickets per swimmer per session now avaialble.  A further update will be released shortly for any remaining tickets.

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