SENW Young Volunteer Award – Reece’s Story

For many young athletes, taking part in their chosen sport is their main focus, but what will happen to all their knowledge, experience and skills when they finally decide to stop taking part?

The aim of the Swim England North West (SENW) Young Volunteer Award is to introduce young people aged between 14-17 years to the world of volunteering.  Since it’s launch back in 2019, the Region has engaged with almost 300 athletes from all aquatic disciplines and over 60 clubs!

These athletes have been introduced to a variety of new avenues and opportunities which are available within aquatic sports, many of which they perhaps never knew even existed.  The main aim of the Young Volunteer Award is to provide our young athletes with a pathway that will enable them to continue to enjoy being part of Aquatics once they decide to hang up their costumes.

For one young volunteer in particular, taking part in the SENW Young Volunteer Award has provided exactly this opportunity – Reece recently completed the Award, and during the 12 month course he successfully completed his timekeeping qualification.  Reece has since made the difficult decision to stop swimming, but instead of hanging up his goggles, he has decided to swap them for a stopwatch!

When Reece informed SENW of this decision, we asked him to provide us with some information on his journey from being an athlete to deciding to become a volunteer official/coach.

Please click here to read his story.

If you are aged 14-17 or if you have a child in this age range who would like to take part in the SENW Young Volunteer Award, please click here for courses available  or alternatively email for more information



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