Swim England Coaching Plan 2023-2025

Coaching Plan Launched!


Swim England are excited to be finally launching their first ever Swim England Coaching Plan.

The plan has been developed based on extensive consultation with the aquatics coaching community, key external partners and internal teams.

It will guide the work of the Swim England Coaching team over the next three years and we hope that by achieving the objectives set out in the plan, we can ensure that both coaches and participants can enjoy a positive and more fulfilling sporting experience.

It’s a challenging time ahead for us all. We know that we need to try and do more to support and retain the existing workforce. Coach wellbeing will therefore be placed front and centre of everything we do.

As the National Governing Body, we must also ensure that our coaches are held accountable to the highest standards of safe and effective practice. The Coaching Plan will underpin the work outlined in our safeguarding, welfare and culture plan, Heart of Aquatics.

I would encourage you all to spend some time reading over the Plan and please contact the Swim England Coaching team on coaching@swimming.org if you have any comments or suggestions.

Let’s work together to ‘transform lives through inspirational coaching’.

To find out more about the Swim England Coaching Plan 2023-2025, please click here

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