Swim England Handbook 2018

The Swim England Handbook is our official guide to contacts, procedures and information about Swim England.

Due to our new incorporated status, some information contained within the handbook will be revised as our transition progresses.

You can download the Handbook in PDF format by clicking here.  Alternatively, you can read it online via the Swim England web site. Please click here to be directed to the site.

To assist clubs with an overview please see below the following changes which were approved in 2017:

  • ASA Law 7.1 was changed to facilitate incorporation of the Amateur Swimming Association
  • ASA Regulation 504 (in events confined to Masters swimmers) was removed.
  • The date of membership renewals was brought forward to the 28th February in each year.

As a consequence of incorporating the Amateur Swimming Association, this has a knock on effect of moving ASA Laws, Regulations and Technical Rules into the new incorporated company. This will occur during 2018 and the online version of the handbook linked on the Swim England web site will be updated as and when required.

Once this update has taken place, organisations affiliated to Swim England i.e Clubs and the Regions, will need to amend their governing documents to reflect this. In particular, reference to the Amateur Swimming Association will need to be changed to the Amateur Swimming Association (Swim England) Limited. Swim England North West Governance group are well aware of the needs of the region and will keep the clubs informed.



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