Swim England – Return to Action Plan in Exclusive Podcast

Swim England has unveiled a four point plan to ensure all its disciplines, clubs, members and workforce are ready to return to action when the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

While the country remains in lockdown in a bid to combat the spread of COVID-19, preparations are being in place by the recognised National Governing Body for when pools are open again and events can be held.

In a new podcast produced by Anything But Footy on behalf of Swim England, which is available to download now, the main elements of the strategy are revealed.

The key objectives focus on:

  • Clubs and a club structure able to restart and sustain in a different environment
  • A workforce (paid and voluntary) in place ready to deliver
  • Engaged participants wanting to come back
  • An events structure to come back to.

Swim England is undertaking work to support clubs in terms of funding and governance, the education and training of the workforce, how participants and coaches are kept activated and motivated and how the events task force are effectively planning a structured to competition.

Please click here to listen to the full 15-minute podcast.


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