Swim England Update Guidance after Lockdown Restrictions Eased

Swim England has issued new recommendations on land training and open water club activity after the coronavirus lockdown was eased by the Government.

From Monday 1 June, Government guidelines allows groups of up to six people from different households in England to meet outside.

This opens up the opportunity for outdoor land training with one coach and five athletes, for example.

Swim England can confirm that insurance cover will apply as long as clubs and their members are adhering to the Government Guidelines and the National Governing Body’s latest land training guidelines are followed.

This includes coaches only delivering activity for which they have been trained and clubs ensuring that they have acquired the relevant permit, if necessary, for the outdoor space they are using.

Additionally, Swim England has issued specific guidance on open water swimming training for clubs.

This outlines how in certain circumstances, where it is safe to do so, clubs will be able to run open water training sessions in small groups of up to six (including the coach).

Coaches must have an appropriately recognised open water coaching qualification, such as the Swim England Qualification – Level 2 Coaching Open Water Swimming.

If this is not the case, then the club’s Swim England insurance policy will be void.


A spokesperson from Swim England said the following:

“In all instances, risk assessments must be carried out and risk management put in place covering COVID-19 requirements and participant/coach safety. 

Please note, these are ever-evolving documents which take into account the most up to date Government guidelines which have been set out. 

Risk assessments are key to evidencing that the risk is being assessed and managed and this is something that the Government has highlighted must be taking place. 

It is essential that the club record and evidence that they are working to and controlling the social distancing measures expected by the Government. 

It is also important to remember that should any member act illegally, criminal actions would not be insured by the insurance policy.”


If you have any queries or questions regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with clubdevelopment@swimnorthwest.org



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