SwimMark Update – April 2018

Element 9 – clubs are requested that the following statement is now added to your club membership forms moving forward. The membership form template has also been updated to ensure consistency with the Swim England Membership Department.

“I acknowledge receipt of the rules of {insert name of club} and confirm my understanding and acceptance that such rules (as amended from time to time) shall govern my membership of the Club.  I further acknowledge and accept the responsibilities of membership upon members as set out in these rules.”

Elements 13 & 14 will now include an updated statement that all club personnel must have attended a Safeguarding workshop within 3 months of them starting the role. The current statement of ‘within a reasonable time’ will be updated to state this requirement. This rule will be enforced from 1st April 2018.


Clubs are also reminded that examples of best practice for each element have been added to the portal ‘Best Practice tab’ so please refer to these documents when required.


The revised SwimMark Performance criteria documents, for all disciplines, are now available on the portal ‘Resources tab’.  The new Performance accreditation will last for two years with an annual health check to re-validate the accreditation.


A reminder to all SwimMark Essential clubs that your accreditation lasts for two years, however if clubs do not complete their 5 elements as part of the Health Check the accreditation will be revoked. You will no longer be eligible for respective benefits and have to complete all 16 elements to regain the accreditation. A copy of the Health Check checklist is available on the portal ‘Resources tab’.


If you have forgotten your password for the portal please utilise the ‘Forgotten Password’ button on the portal login page, which will enable you to change this.


If you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact your Club Officer.




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