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During a previous Swim England Club Management Group meeting (formerly the Swim21 National Panel), a decision was made to compile an update following each quarterly meeting (March, June, September and December) and circulate this to all accredited clubs.  Please see below the most recent updates. 

SwimMark Updates April 2019 –

  • Element 4 – Template for this element is now mandatory for clubs going through future accreditations (June 2019 accreditation included).
  • Element 13 – Could clubs please ensure that all information required for this element is submitted on one document rather than separate sheets.
  • Element 14 – Please refer to the element guidance sheet for approved Safeguarding courses. Courses that are not listed on this sheet will not be accepted for SwimMark purposes.
  • Reminder to all SwimMark Clubs – please use the current SwimMark logo (which can be found on the portal) on all websites, social media and correspondence. Submissions will not be accepted if the old logos are used.
  • Club Matters – clubs should only have one Club Matters account, however it appears that there are a number of duplication accounts at present. When setting up an account, please check with your club to ensure an account hasn’t already been registered.
  • If clubs are encountering any problems accessing the SwimMark portal please try the following link: https://www.swimmark.org/Account/LogOn
  • Reminder – UK Coaching now offer three versions of their online renewal, which are all accepted by Swim England for SwimMark accreditations.
    • Safeguarding and Protecting Children (75 mins) – includes the core refresher module plus the Safe Communication with Digital Kids module
    • Safeguarding and Protecting Children (60 mins) – includes the core refresher module plus the Safeguarding Deaf and Disabled Children module
    • Safeguarding and Protecting Children (75 mins) – includes the core refresher module plus the Positive Parents module

Please note that prior to completing any of the above online renewals individuals must have initially attended UK Coaching face-to-face training.


General Updates April 2019:-

  • For a chance to win £100 for your club, please visit the easyfundraising website.
  • Swim England Coaching and Teaching Register – we now have over 5,000 coaches and teachers listed on the register. The deadline for completing Stage 1 of the register was 31st March 2019. Additional communication is now being produced and will be circulated mid April in relation to Stage 2 i.e. when coaches and teachers will be asked to verify information held by Swim England (Qualification(s), DBS and Safeguarding). Please note that information from the register will be used to populate E13 in the future to avoid duplication of work by SwimMark clubs – additional information will follow in due course.
  • Safeguarding Update – The following news article has been circulated to Club Welfare Officers and Club secretaries providing some useful information.
  • Open Water Hub – a new open water hub was launched by Swim England to provide information and advice to open water swimmers or all ages and abilities.
  • A new hub to raise awareness of major event volunteering in aquatics has been jointly launched by Swim England, British Swimming, Scottish Swimming and Swim Wales.
  • A new online Club Hub in currently being produced and will be launched shortly. This free online resource will be a one stop show for clubs to use covering a wide range of topics.
  • Clubs can now sign up to the Club Matters newsletter here. To find out what Club Matters can do for your club check out this short animated video.
  • The Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) scheme was introduced in 2002 as an option for sports clubs to register with HMRC to receive ‘charity type’ tax reliefs provided the club meets certain criteria. To find out more please click here.


Thank you for your continued commitment to SwimMark. 

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