SwimMark Updates

During a previous Swim England Club Management Group meeting (formerly the swim21 National Panel), a decision was made to compile an update following each quarterly meeting (March, June, September and December) and circulate this to all accredited clubs.  


SwimMark Updates:-

  • E7 and E13 – Please note that minor amendments have been made to these elements in relation to Swim England membership
  • E14 – just a quick reminder that all Safeguarding training should be refreshed every three years, unless stated otherwise by the respective training provider. Please refer to the guidance document within element 14 if you would like to check which courses are acceptable for SwimMark 
  • Best Practice’ tab on the portal – please refer to this if you wish to view examples of best practice for each of the Essential elements
  • SwimMark Network module now lasts for two years (with an annual health check at 12 months) and still covers three elements – a Development/Business Plan, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). 
  • SwimMark Performance module will also last for two years (again with an annual health check) from December 2017, however the performance criteria is currently being reviewed for all disciplines (Swimming, Diving, Water Polo and Synchronised Swimming) 
  • If you have current club members/previous members who no longer require access to the online portal please email and we will deactivate the respective accounts
  • If you have forgotten your password for the portal please utilise the ‘Forgotten Password’ button on the portal login page, which will enable you to change this


General Updates:-

  • Visit the Clubmatters website to find out more about different legal structures, innovative ways to engage with young people and find out about new anti-doping guidance.  There’s also information about finding, keeping and developing volunteers – here
  • SwimMark accredited clubs are issued with a £100 IoS credit to the clubs ‘organisation account’. Clubs can find this by logging into their account and click on ‘miscellaneous’.

Thank you for your continued commitment to SwimMark

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