Regional Pathway Programme

The Regional Pathway Programme was developed as an opportunity for swimmers to access long course training and support service sessions to support their development within swimming. Upon approval from the Swimming Management Group and Regional Management Board, the region completed a trial programme with the results outlined below.


Trial Report

From January to July 2018, 23 swimmers from across the North West accessed 28 long course training sessions and 57 support service sessions as part of the Regional Pathway Programme trial. The programme provided swimmers with a practical learning experience, which have equipped the swimmers with the skills and tools necessary for performance swimming.

Swimmers were asked prior to the start of the programme to provide information as to what they wanted to achieve from the programme; answers to this included process specific training, increase of support service access, general athlete improvement and also competition goals.

Swimmers documented that they believe the programme provided added value and there was a significant increase in the number of support services that the swimmers had the opportunity to access. Swimmers also documented that their goals and expectations of the programme were met, and provided an overall satisfaction score of 8.9 out of 10 for the coaching they received.

Comments from the swimmers included:

“Overall the programme was well structured”

“Extremely helpful, lots of advice, friendly with a good atmosphere and well organised”

“Lots of help around Nutrition with Andy, as he provided us with different situations with how we can cope with travelling and nutrition such as when we should eat”

“Coaches have been extremely helpful, kind and motivational when sets get tough”



The Regional Pathway Programme will be ran from September 2018 to July 2019, and will build on the successful trial programme ran at the start of 2018. 

The Regional Pathway Programme is based on a three-way partnership between Swim England North West Region, City of Manchester Aquatics and Manchester City Council. There will be a stringent evaluation of the programme based on a number of objectives. Evaluation and feedback will be provided to the Swim England North West Swimming Management Group and Regional Management Board.

Swimmers will have access to 2 long course training sessions, whilst also being offered various support services; including physiotherapy, nutrition, lifestyle advice, biomechanics/video analysis, physiology and psychology.



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