Swimming with Men – Synchro Style

Swimming With Men containing the actor and comedian Rob Brydon, follows the progress of an all-male group of synchronised swimmers.

It is based on the real-life story of a team of Swedish synchronised swimmers and their bid to compete in the World Championships. Their journey was originally featured in the documentary Men Who Swim.

Rob plays the role of Eric, an accountant who is suffering from a full-blown mid-life crisis when he meets a group of synchronised swimmers during a visit to his local pool.

The star-studded cast also includes Rupert Graves (Luke), Thomas Turgoose (Tom), Adeel Akhtar (Kurt), Jim Carter (Ted), Daniel Mays (Colin) and Charlotte Riley (Susan). Synchronised swimmers Chris Jepson (Silent Bob) and Ronan Daly (New Guy) make up the team.

It’s a heartfelt, amusing story and cast members hope it will lead to more men taking up the sport. It’s getting some great reviews and the actors do all the synchro themselves, no body doubles!!

An activity for everyone

Downton Abbey star Jim Carter said: “If someone is a decent swimmer but thinks doing lengths is a bit boring, it might be worth giving synchronised swimming a go.

“For a lot of men, the social side is just as important as the sport.”

Karen Thorpe, Swim England’s talent manager for synchronised swimming, said:

“It’s great to see synchronised swimming feature so prominently in a major new film – and we’re especially pleased Swimming With Men focuses on an all-male team.

Synchro is an activity for everyone. It’s a sport that combines creativity, expression, choreography and music interpretation and is for all ages and abilities.

“There are thousands of synchro swimmers across the country and while it’s traditionally been seen as a female dominated sport, more and more males are now taking part.

“We hope the film will encourage even more men to give synchro a go. Swimming With Men encapsulated perfectly the journey of being part of a group striving to achieve the same goal – something synchro does so well.

It would be great if we could get as many of the synchro family as possible to see this film and support synchro on the big screen!  Why not check out your local cinema to see showing times – it would be great if you could spread the word to all the clubs and get as many members as possible to go and see the film.  Please let us know if you enjoyed it or send us your photos of your club group.  You can also share or tag us on Facebook as well.



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