Outline of Diving Regional Training

Aims of Training

  • To build confidence and skills in divers working towards Age Group Competition.
  • Clubs within the Region to work in collaboration to deliver both land and pool training sessions
  • To provide extra training for those who participate in Regional and external (ESSA competitions).
  • Provide Goals and Targets for divers to accomplish


When is Training?


Saturday 6th October 2018

Saturday 17th November 2018

Saturday 8th December 2018

Dates for 2019 will be included once confirmed with the venue. It is anticipated that training will follow a similar set up to previous years with Regional Training being available each month, except August.


Land Training – 4 pm – 5pm

Pool Session – 5.30pm – 7:30 pm



£10 per session, however payment will be by block booking (5 or 6 session per booking).


What does Regional Training involve?

Land Training

  • Develop Muscle Sets
  • Core Skills

Method of delivery will vary and may include air track work, floor work, work with weights (age related) and trampolining.  Many of these skills and exercises can them be used at home and/or in Club dry sessions.


Pool Sessions

  • Competition Related
  • Improve current skills – set by divers own coach and tailored to individual needs, however will also include sessions which are skill specific which address the development needs of the Region’s coaches.
  • Develop dives with a higher degree of difficult.
  • Manipulation of condition to provide experience of real competition conditions including problems which may occur during competition.


Who can train?

Divers who are entering or close to being able to enter Age Group competitions and have been accepted onto the squad. Your Club coach will advise you of the dive requirement, if suitable you will be required to complete an application form (provided by coach), which needs to be returned to Anthony Hilton-Casey.  You will be notified when your application has been considered.


Regional Training Criteria

Minimum Requirements:

1 Metre:

  • Forward dive tuck or pike
  • Forward 1 ½ somersaults tuck or pike
  • Back dive tucked or pike
  • Reverse dive tucked or pike
  • Inward dive tucked or pike

3 Metre:

  • Forward line-ups, straight, tucked and pike
  • Back line-ups, straight and tucked

Divers should have a list of dives for their age group that they are working on for at least one board.



Divers in the Regional Training Programme will be expected to compete in Regional Age Group Qualifiers and in the National Age Group Finals, if they gain a qualifying score.  They will be encouraged to compete in the North East Region Qualifiers and G-Star competitions to gain competition experience.



All information regarding Regional Training will be posted on TeamApp. Upon acceptance onto the training programme, divers will be required to register to the App. This app is used to update parents with regards to time/session changes and will allow divers to indicate their availability or unavailability for a sessions.


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